30 Day Challenge {Day 25} My Biggest Regret

I could write a novel [or two] about the mistakes I’ve made. Those, regrets if you will, run the gamut of everything from eating an entire tub of peanut butter in one sitting to cheating on my boyfriend to missing the death of my grampa. I guess I’m at the age now that I can look back on those and realize they all happened for a reason. I either learned something to take with me down the road or that mistake resulted in something beautiful later on.

Everything is meant to be. Don’t regret, learn and grow.

The end.


30 Day Challenge {Day 24} What Attracts Me

Let’s look at the wrapper first.

He’s gotta be…


Which of course includes a


A nice head of hair is required. Long hair can be nice,
but it needs to be pulled back every now and then.


Of course a tailored suit makes it that much better.

…and he needs some meat. I don’t like ‘em whimpy.


Why, yes, I do dig the tattoos.

To sum it up,


Looking beyond the exterior, he has to be:

Strong in his beliefs.

Smart. Ridiculously so.

Funny – a wicked sense of humor. +1 if he’s sarcastic.

Passionate about life, hobbies, me, everything.

Goal oriented.
If you don’t have a destination, where ya goin’? Nowhere.

Dedicated. Loyal. Of good moral character.

Sensitive, but not a cry baby.

Excellent time and money management skills.

Dad material.
My uterus aches when I watch my husband with our daughters.


Respectful and respected.

The entrepreneurial sort.

Handy and know how to fix a car.
On second thought… fix everything.

A little nerdy. Or a lot.
…and none of this faux glasses chic hipster crap.

Committed to a traditional marriage.

Southern… no Yanks need apply.


Hmm… what else? Oh yes, he has to be this amazing guy:



We Saw Ted Cruz Today

It’s Monday morning, you love politics, and you’re a homeschooler. What do you do? Well, you go see Ted Cruz formally announce his run for Presidency of course!


While he’s not getting my vote – and I’m not sure who is at point – we wanted to see him speak and have our daughters experience that. You’re never too young to have a grasp, of some degree, on politics and current events.

This was the second Presidential hopeful our oldest has seen now and she’s six. That’s pretty cool. It’s important to me that she sees someone else chase their dream. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman. [I don’t split hairs like that. And I won’t.] Here’s a person who wants to be the President and that person is going for it. You can do that, too. Set your sights on something and give it your all.

We enjoyed our time at Liberty University. The worship was great. We appreciated the experience. Best of luck to Ted Cruz.

White girl politicking,


30 Day Challenge {Day 23} If I won the lottery…

If I ever won the lottery…

First, the government would steal at least half of it. Let’s get real here.

I would give my parents a sizable amount so that they could live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Even though they’re homebodies, I would send them on a trip around the world asap.

Then I would buy four properties:
1. A farm with a big, beautiful farmhouse.
2. A sizable condo in the city, preferably overlooking downtown and/or the UVA campus.
3. A beach house so our family would always have a vacation spot.
4. Commercial space. Just in case I wanted to open another dance studio or boutique or my dream bakery.

I would build a convention center here because this city has very poor event facilities. Consider it an investment in both my financial interests and the community.

I would give a large sum to my UDC chapter. Those women work so hard and are unable to accomplish our mission without proper funds.

The Junior League is another place where my investment would be of value. My League needs it’s own beautiful headquarters. That would be my JL legacy.

I expect my daughters to earn scholarships to college, so I’d set up a trust fund for each to access once they’re over 25 and married. If they didn’t get a scholarship and go on to college, that’s fine, but they’ll have to join the workforce and keep on living life until the money comes available for them to go on my dime.

Once the dust has settled, I would travel. I’d love to live in Italy for a few months. My eyes hunger for landscapes unseen. Where ever the wind blows us, let’s go there!

I’d throw the rest in the bank.



30 Day Challenge {Day 22} My Worst Habits


1. Biting my nails. I’ve managed to stop for periods of time if I get acrylics to grow them out first. But if I’m not biting my nails, I’m…

2. Pulling out my eyelashes. Ugh… Trich is tough to overcome. But if I’m not pulling out my eyelashes, I’m biting my nails. Boo bad habits.

3. I overthink. I’m a woman, so I think that’s just part of the territory.

4. I worry. A lot. About everything. I’m slowly loosing my mind (thank you, children) which means I worry so much more about every little thing now. I’m worried I’ll forget something – and I have! Just last week I completely forgot I needed to bake three dozen cupcakes for a local elementary school an hour and a half before they were due. Of course I managed to get it done, but that’s something I would’ve NEVER have forgotten before I had kids, let alone a second kid. It’s right there on my Google calendar AND my daily planner. How did I miss that?!

5. I’m bad a socializing. Which is funny because I went to public school… ya know, the whole “homeschool kids aren’t socialized”/”how will you socialize them” crap I get with homeschooling my oldest. Honestly, I suck at holding conversations. Something as basic as:
Person: How are you today?
Me: Great!
– – – END OF CONVO – – –
I just straight up forget to return the question. I know bits and pieces about their life, yet I forget to ask about them. I’m just always on a journey – thinking about how I need to get to _____ to do the _____, then wrap up the _____ and go _____, etc. I’ve been trying to work on this lately when I catch myself doing it. I’m 31 and I can’t converse. What the heck is wrong with me?

Forever scattered,



30 Day Challenge {Day 21} What Makes Me Sad

What makes me sad? Society.

Society today is just down right depressing.

I’m not talking about murders, rapes, etc. I’m talking about the lack of daily, common sense manners.

How you handle daily interactions concerning those around you, those you come in contact with, speaks volumes. You don’t have to murder, rape, mug, or even physically hurt someone to be a bad person. You just have to be thoughtless.

192d49c95acb06e6e7d6279dae49747dCutting someone off, demanding the right of way when it is not yours to be had, leaving your brights/high beams on, not merging over to let a car in, blocking a driveway when stopped, etc. is rude. It’s rude. You’re an asshole if this is how your drive. Period.

If you’re a man and you don’t hold the door open for the woman approaching or following you, you’re not a man. I’m sorry, but you’re not. It’s Man 101 to hold the door open for a woman. I can’t tell you the number of so called “men” I’ve bawked at for letting a door close in my face or, better yet, they step aside so I will open the door.

If you’re an asshole to the elderly and pregnant women, your momma should be slapped. Yes, old folks can be quite ostentatious. Yes, pregnant women can be hormonal. But, both are temporarily weak and deserve your kindness. Get over yourself and be kind.

I think entitlement has destroyed society. If you didn’t work for it – you don’t deserve it. The end. Have a little more pride than stealing, k?

As someone who often finds herself surrounded by others with opposing political views and belief systems, I am dumbfounded by the insane level of ignorance and disrespect doled out by one person to anyone who has differing views. Personally, I couldn’t care less what you’re doing over there so long as it does not effect me. How dare you disrespect me because I believe XYZ when you believe YZX. Respect goes a long way. Learn it and exercise it often it.

I could keep going, but I think we can all agree that people suck these days. Maybe it’s time we made more of an effort to be kind to one another. I’m not talking about singing Kumbaya. I’m talking about holding the door open, offering a smile and hello, giving up your seat to an elderly person. Little things. We all bleed red. We all end up six feet under. You and I are no different, so put your label maker away and think of someone besides yourself.



30 Day Challenge {Day 20} What Makes Me Happy

There are lots of the things in life that make us happy. {Temporarily happy.} Everything from a really good slice of cake to our favorite TV show to a cute new pair of shoes to a text from a friend.

But what is the constant? What is there that consistently makes us happy whether it’s good or bad?



My family – my husband of almost ten years, and our six year and 16 month old daughters – is what receives my constant attention and delivers 24/7 happiness. Whether we’re on top of the mountain or in a valley, these are the people I keep closest to me and that makes me quite happy.

When I leave our home, I wonder what my task at hand will bring. Will I give a good presentation? Will what I need for dinner fixins be on sale? Who will be there and what mood will they be in? Is what I’m wearing appropriate for the task and weather? When I leave our home, I have doubt.

When I’m home I know who is here, why I’m here, and the love within these walls is without doubt.

Nothing makes me happier than my family.



30 Day Challenge {Day 19} My Favorite Movie

My favorite movie? Easy! Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This is hands down the only movie that can top Clueless and Sleepless in Seattle on my faves list. There’s just something about it. You really can’t go wrong with a John Hughes flick.



It’s a fun movie that takes you with Ferris Bueller, played by Matthew Broderick, as he plays hookie for a day. He manages to talk his sick friend into tagging along and gets his girlfriend (sister of said friend) out of school to go with. His high strung sister, played by Jennifer Grey aka Baby from Dirty Dancing, is hot on his trail and out for blood. Of course, hi-jinks ensue.



Next June, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off will have been 30 years ago. Does that make you feel old? Clueless just rang in 20 years, so I’m feeling that way.


They sure don’t make teen movies like they used to.



30 Day Challenge {Day 18} A Photograph of Myself


Today I’m supposed to post a photograph of myself.

This was taken not long before I found out I was expecting baby #2. I had just shot an AK for the first time.


I do miss living in the boonies and having a field for a backyard so that we can shoot whenever the urge struck. Here in liberal utopia, we have to travel to a range far away. I don’t love that.

I will use this moment to harp a little. Obviously I’m pro second amendment. It’s not because I’m conservative or a redneck or whatever hateful label you want to stick on me. I did spend most of my formative years in the city with a liberal mindset. It wasn’t until I moved further south, met my husband who got me comfortable with guns, and then several years later being in a position where I needed one that I started to change my views.

I am a firm believer that all women should carry and know how to properly use their weapon. Shoot it often, clean it, find the most comfortable way to carry it, and follow the law to a T.

This is how I chose to protect myself and how I will defend my children should the need arise. Have you looked at society lately? It’s not looking good, folks.

You’re only paranoid until something happens. Then you were well prepared.



30 Day Challenge {Day 17} My Favorite Blogs


Authentically Emmie – I have followed Emmie for a few years now. A as a fellow plus size woman, she blog about things that interest me. Everything from daily life to fashion to her love life. Sure, she has become a little more commercial these days, but deep down it’s still Emmie in there.


Confessions of a Homeschooler – I started following Erica about three, maybe four years ago. Her blog is a go-to for homeschoolers in my opinion. So many valuable resources! She makes some great stuff and I love her school room updates.


The Pioneer Woman – Okay, seriously, who doesn’t love Ree?! Some of us have been following her for years, others are just now catching on after seeing her on the Food Network. I love everything about her! She cooks, homeschools, and adores her husband. We need more of that in life.



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