Foodie Friday | Southern Scratch Biscuits | Foodie Friday: Southern Scratch Biscuits - easy & delicious. #southern #scratch #biscuits #stayathomemom #sahmGet ready for the weekend with this easy recipe for southern scratch biscuits!

Whip up some sausage gravy or opt for jams, jellies, and butters. Or make breakfast sandwiches with a fried egg, bacon, and cheese.

This recipe also goes great with soups and chili. Make pot pie filling on the stove top and throw in a bowl with a biscuit for a yummy deconstructed pot pie.

Got a sweet tooth talkin’ to ya? Triple the sugar and use them to build the best strawberry shortcake you’ve ever had. For the love of all things southern, please use real whipped cream. Yep, just go on and get all the calories.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack – say hello to your new go-to biscuit recipe.  (more…)

Hey SAHMs, do you have a daily schedule?

family_sahmscheduleI’ve been noticing a trend on social media regarding daily schedules for stay at home moms. I’m as anal about time management as the next OCD, overachieving CEO, but is one really needed?

If you find yourself in a funk or running crazy or bored stupid… then yes, you do.

Schedules keep us in check. But what type of schedule is best for you?


Foodie Friday | Valentines Day Menu

theSAHMlife | Foodie Friday: Valentines Day Menu #valentines #sweets #hearts #kidfriendsly #holiday #stayathomemom #sahmI thought I’d help you out with a simple Valentines Day Menu. Here you’ll find a festive, delicious line up of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Valentines Day is such a fun day for the whole family. Crafts, eats, games, movies, music – you name it, you can put love into it. With a female-dominated household, we’re all about putting the red and pink in this hizz-ous.

As I type this, my girls are dancing around the living room to the Sounds of the Season: Valentines music station on the tv. I think I might hazard a guess to say they’re in the mood. (Yeah, that’s on the playlist apparently.)

I promise these recipes are easy, quick, and tasty. Let’s get started on our menu for the day!  (more…)

I’m not embarrassed to say I {heart} Fifty Shades.

rs_634x1005-141114095132-10644711_665591963557478_6990185292071945908_nSo tonight the hubby and I went to the advance premier of Fifty Shades of Grey. The theater was mostly 20- and 30-somethings. Two men including my husband.

I’ve read the FSOG trilogy a few times over and I genuinely love the story. The kinky nuttery is just icing on the cake. My husband read the first book before heading to the movie so he would know what’s up. He gets a gold star.

Overall, I felt the movie was (more…)

Your Summer 2015 Guide to the Sexiest Plus-Size Swimwear

theSAHMlife | Summer 2015 Guide to Sexy Plus Size Swimwear #plussize #swimsuit #sexy #stayathomemom #sahmAs soon as our family decided to return to the beach for our annual summer vacation, all I could think of was finding a new swimsuit. I’ve had the same mom-suit since 2003… I didn’t become a mom until 2008. Ugh! I know!

Swimwear isn’t a fat girl’s best friend. (Hence my mom-suit.) I’ve looked high and low for cute non-mom-suits and I’m here to share them with you.

It’s freakin’ cold outside. Shall we warm things up?  (more…)

An Honest Mommy Review of the 2015 Kia Sorento

theSAHMlife | An Honest Mommy Review of a 2015 Kia Sorento #kia #sorento #review #familycar #stayathomemom #sahmWe purchased a 2015 Kia Sorento LX on Labor Day. This is my honest mommy review. I have not been compensated in any way for this review. These are my opinions after five months of ownership.

My car is the two-row model, onyx in color with black fabric interior, and came with some accessories. I’ll note what is not standard. I’ve also included some specs along with both personal images and stock images.

What do *I* think about the 2015 Kia Sorento LX? It’s not bad. Not bad at all! I would purchase one again as well as recommend it to a friend. Keep reading for my pull-apart review.  (more…)

Foodie Friday | Easy, One Pan Spinach Sausage Creamy Pasta

theSAHMlife | Foodie Friday: Easy, One Pan Spinach Sausage Creamy Pasta #whatsfordinner #pasta #spinach #sausage #kidfriendly #easy #recipe #onepot #stayathomemom #sahmI realized one day that too many of our dinners are yummy, but downright boring to look at. They may be all one color (hello, comfort food) or the standard meat+veggie+fruit (school lunch, anyone?). We need to mix it up! So where do I go for recipes? Piiiinterest!

I love these picto-pees. Recipe + photos = Pictopees. Yeah, I made that up.

Meet the easy, one pan creamy spinach and sausage pasta. Colorful, healthy, and downright deeelicious! These are pix straight from Pinterest and yesss this is exactly what your dinner will look like. (I like when my finished product looks like the photo with the recipe.)

I’ve made this recipe more times than I can count over the last two years and it’s both hard to screw up (easily saved I might add) and easy to stretch.  (more…)

The BEST Daily Calendar for Kids | The BEST Daily Calendar for Kids #calendar #homeschool #melissadoug #stayathomemom #sahmTo go along with my previous post, a daily calendar is another great tool to use with your chore chart to help instill those important life skills they’ll need in adulthood.

You don’t have to be homeschooling to use a daily calendar. Reinforce days of the week, months in the year, how to write the date, mark holidays and daily activities, the weather, moods, etc. all on one master board that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

I’ve found the best daily calendar for kids(more…)

Foodie Friday | 9 Kid-Approved Ways to Use Spinach

theSAHMlife | Foodie Friday: 9 Kid-Approved Ways to Use Spinach #spinach #kids #sneaky #creative #toddlers #stayathomemom #sahmMy kids are veggie-eating champs. In fact, the only thing my eldest won’t eat is tuna. My youngest will eat anything and everything… she’s one… furballs are a delicacy to her.

So what are some creative ways to get the super food known as spinach into your kids’ belly? If your kid doesn’t beg for it on their pizza like my little weirdo does, then check out these 9 kid-approved ways to use spinach featuring everything from muffins to ice cream and popsicles to main dishes. (more…)

The BEST Chore Chart for Kids | The Best Chore Chart for Kids #responsibility #chores #goals #melissadoug #homeschool #stayathomemom #sahmResponsibility, accountability, time management… those are just a few of the traits that we can instill in our children to ensure success in adulthood.

Getting there can be a bumpy road, though. Not all kids are natural born worker bees. How do you keep your kids on track?

Let’s talk chore charts.  (more…)

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